Hotel restaurant in Trakai

Restaurant in Trakai

For more elaboration of the dishes created by our restaurant’s chef, high attention is paid to wines. They are selected by a well – known Lithuanian sommelier. Professional restaurant waiters are well aware of how to correctly serve any wine and when it needs decantation. Both lovers of classics and fans of new flavours here will find their favourite wine, because we have the wine from every corner of the world.

Hotel in Trakai

The cosy family hotel is just 30 kilometres away from the centre of Vilnius. It is ideal for those looking for retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle, for relaxation surrounded by nature and for unique atmosphere. We created our hotel in a French country villa style: walls are upholstered in fabrics decorated with different scenery and ornaments, subtle interior details (handmade chandeliers, console made by local blacksmiths), the floors are covered with natural coconut fibber and decorated with authentic oriental rugs – all of which creates an elegant, cosy and inviting homey atmosphere. All fabrics and materials are authentic, specially commissioned and brought from France. About 40 different patterns of fabrics were used for the hotel decoration. Every room is an eye delight with 6 – 8 different combinations of fabrics, so in each of them we created a distinctive colour mood.

laundry, Cleaning, dishwashing detergents

Effective, economical, ecological laundry detergents, cleaning detergents and dishwashing detergents

The innovative probiotic technology guarantees a safe environment that is not sterile but sustainable.
Made in Lithuania.

For a clean and safe home

The Probiotic range features a variety of ecological cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing detergents with probiotic bacteria for enduring protection.

These are innovative domestic cleaning products bearing a seal of quadruple guarantee.

The range includes laundry detergents Neutral, Sensitive, Colour, as well as various products enriched with the fragrancy of lavender, the extract of ember, pro-vitamin B5, and other technological innovations.

Advertising Production

External advertising is a great way to promote your business, mark your business, find it easy, and promote your production.

We produce light boxes, volumetric illuminated letters, signboards, information boards, information / promotional stands of various sizes, information arrows, promotional awnings, pylons. For lighting, we offer LEDs that consume up to 10 times less electricity than daylight lamps. We also prepare and combine promotional signage projects with the municipality.

Why get advertising production?

Advertisement stand
Promotional stands are usually made of aluminum composite panels and are affixed with stickers or milled parts of plastic, organic glass or polystyrene. This solution is perfect for optimum price and aesthetic presentation.

Light boxes
A great solution for companies looking for the best value for money. Light boxes can be made of special aluminum profiles with a drawer and used in the interior, where you often need to change the posters of the collections. Light boxes are also made of cut-out aluminum composite panel with inlaid glass inlays. This gives the signboard more luxury. We advise you to produce large format light boxes (for example, 8 x 2 m) made of aluminum with tilt front. This will guarantee the best value for money.

Bulk letters
If you are looking for exclusivity, you will find the perfect lettering. This type of signboard is usually made of aluminum, organic glass and LED module lighting. Unlike letters from plastic, aluminum letters are durable and durable. They are not as heavily exposed to cold, heat and sun, and they cost as much as the plastic plates.

We can also make bulk letters from polystyrene. This ad is appropriate when a minimum price is required and the sign does not need to be lit.

Advertising on the car

Pylons are mostly used by petrol stations or companies that are away from the main road and want to pay attention to themselves. It is also used by large companies that want to create a trusted company image. Pylons can be illuminating and illuminating and combined with volumetric letters or screens.

Promotional awnings
Promotional awnings are used on supermarket facades or on billboards near roads or highways. This is one of the most cost-effective promotional tools used to promote campaigns or to position new products.



Our items are accessible in a wide scope of hues, from dyed oak to profound cognac, so the great oak will fit into the cutting edge prerequisites of our clients. Ideal for its expectation, the wood supplements just the human cut.

High Quality wooden floor – wooden doors – wooden stairs

In Style Tree salons there is an expert assistance from our consultants who will coordinate the perfect items to your desires.

Our entryways, floors and stairs with get together are accessible in numerous spots in Poland.

The decision of top notch items is an incredible venture – a certification of getting a charge out of the utilization of items for a long time.

The decision of astounding items is an extraordinary venture – an assurance of getting a charge out of the utilization of items for a long time.

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